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Property Search

At make it easy to find the right property. You can use our website www.BermudaRealty.com or www.BermudaRealtor.com to search for properties using a wide range of criteria, including property type, price, location and must-have features. Search results can be viewed in list mode or by map location and every individual property has a full detail page. Nothing could be more straightforward.

Our goal is to convey as much information as possible to help you shortlist potential properties. Image galleries, virtual tours, location maps, floor plans, facts, features, room dimensions and property descriptions all assist the selection process. Once you have identified target properties, you can add them to a favorite’s portfolio, book viewing requests, ask follow up questions, and submit offers online and generally move through the buying process quickly and surely.

But we don’t stop there. If you don't see what you are looking for on our site, call Jack on his cell: 441-705-4500 or office: 441-247-1815 I will help you to find the right property.


Seeking pre-approval from at least one lending institution is one of the most important steps you can take even before you begin to look for a house. First and foremost, the pre-approval process will confirm how much you are able to borrow and so helps to set your sights on affordable properties. Furthermore, in today’s market, many sellers will not take an offer seriously unless the prospective purchaser has pre-approved backing from a mortgage lender.

The process of acquiring a pre-approval limit from a lender is quite straightforward. Simply call your bank’s lending department and make an appointment with a loan officer. They will assess your personal circumstances and issue a letter, normally valid for six months, stipulating how much the bank is willing to lend you. With this letter in hand, you are ready to meet with your real estate agent and begin the property search in earnest.


When you have short-listed your target properties, you are ready to inspect them in person. Here again, Bermuda Realtor makes life easy.

Property Prices

Pricing is not quite as straightforward as you might think. You may, for example, encounter prices listed as "gross" or “net”.

Gross vs Net explained

The Chamber of Commerce has established that all real estate advertising is based upon the gross price which means the purchaser pays 50% of the legal fees and 50% of the stamp duty on the conveyance while the vendor will pay (from the sale proceeds) the other 50% of the stamp duty, 50% of legal fees (their attorney), plus 100% of the sales commission.

Net (or Net Net) means the purchaser will pay 100% legal fees, 100% stamp duty on the conveyance and 100% commission while the vendor receives the net amount upon which those 3 elements are percentage based.

Making an Offer

When you've found a home you like, you should start the negotiations by making an offer. Jack will supply a simple straightforward offer form that will allow you to state the “conditions” that best describe the nature of your offer such as “subject to financing”, or “subject to the sale of my current home”, or “subject to structural survey” etc. It is important to have your offer spelled out in writing so there is no doubt in the future of what the amount and conditions of the offer were.

It is important to keep in mind that the strongest offer would be the full price offer in cash with no conditions because the fewer the conditions, the stronger the offer. More than likely however, the price is negotiated sometimes back and forth between offer and counter offer several times before a final price is agreed. It is quite common for offers or counter-offers to involve different allocations of closing costs as a way to fine tune the final agreement.

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“Jack Kripl was an outstanding representative. My husband and myself recently moved into beautiful bermuda and it has been nothing but one pleasant surprise after another. I can highly recommend Mr. Kripl and his team at Coldwell Banker Bermuda.”

- Stacy Allen

“Selling our second home with Jack was just as painless as the first time! There is no better realtor in Bermuda.”

- Greg Morris